Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe: Only Be One - The Charmings and Killian think that Gold is gone for good, but he’s got a weapon and he’ll use it to enact his revenge on them, even if it means ripping the universes apart.

(prologue | part 1part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5  | part 6)

Killian approached the well slowly, just as he had every time before.  The flowers in his hand felt too heavy, his arm too weak.  The tickets to her favorite musical that had arrived the week before were still sealed away in the envelope, and now rested in his jacket pocket.  He was supposed to be taking her out for their eighteenth wedding anniversary, not visiting the place that stood as a reminder of how he’d lost her for good.


Fanfic written by the wonderfully talented Britt

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    I got emotionally smashed by this part! The first part - Britt - It was amazing, heart breaking, but so real, so much...
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